Vintage Fun

January 6, 2010

I gave my stepmom this purse for Christmas.

It was inspired by this one. She really liked the button on it.  I mentioned that I was trying to collect unusual buttons and jewelry to add to my purses and other creations.  A friend of hers had inherited her mother’s button jar, but didn’t want them.  My stepmom got the jar and allowed me to take out whatever I wanted.

These are some of the more unusual or my favorites.

She also went through some of her vintage jewelry and the jewelry of my former stepmom.

Again some of the more unusual pieces or my favorites.


Well, Look at That.

January 6, 2010

I just started this blog and already I have not been good about keeping it up.  I have been crazy busy with knitting Christmas presents and the birthdays for January and February.  Not too mention that I am having too much fun on Ravelry.  If you are a knitter, crochet, spinner, or weaver, Ravelry is an awesome site.  I have joined a few groups that are having knit a longs, challenges, and swaps and having a blast with it.  Now to show some of my Christmas presents and where to find the patterns.

I made these loomed snowmen for my nieces.

The tan one I made for my baby during a Ravelry Loom-a-Long back in May.  The pink one I made for his cousin for Christmas.

My sister got these fuzzy dice by request.  This pattern came from the Loom Crafts for the Knifty Knitter book.  I slightly altered by making them smaller so that she could put them in her car window.

These miniature sweater ornaments were made from scrap yarn and given to everyone on my Christmas list.

This steering wheel cover was a gift for my dad.  I have just finished a second one for my stepdad’s birthday.

I have some free patterns that I am designing in the works.  To be posted soon.

First Design

December 22, 2009

I have altered patterns and rewrote my own when the instructions were too difficult too understand.  This summer I actually wrote my first pattern however.  My son, Eman wanted me to make him a crazy hat for Hat Day at the library’s Teen Book Talk.   DS #2 started talking over ideas with me on what kind of design to do.  He showed me their Legend of Zelda game and we started talking about how to do a Link hat.  This is the result:

This is a loom knit hat using all 4 of the round looms.  You can get the pattern here.

The Hat from Hades

December 22, 2009

I am calling this hat the hat from Hades, because I found it rather difficult to knit.  I am not sure if it was because the cable on my circular needles was too long or if I should have tried using 5 or 6 DPNs.  I tried using my circular and 4 DPNs.  With the DPNs, I kept dropping stitches.  This was a pattern that needed full attention, which I was not giving it.  Fortunately it is for my little brother and he will never notice the mistakes.  This pattern can be found on the Woven ~ N ~ Spun website.

Hello world!

December 18, 2009

A magnum opus is a great work of art or literature.  My greatest work is the children that God has gifted me with.  Midwifery is my calling which is a great work to the women I serve.  My art is working with yarn.  I currently blog about homeschooling my children and personal stuff on another website.  However I am very active on Ravelry.  Besides all of the lovely items that I make from other’s pattern, I also have started dipping my toe into the art of design.  This blog is to target that audience.

I would also like to mention that I am attempting to start selling some of those handcrafted items on Etsy.