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I’ll Admit It. . .

August 27, 2010

I am a newbie when I comes to yarn other than acrylic.  My first experience with yarn was acrylic.  Everyone I knew used it.  What you mean you don’t buy yarn from Wal-Mart?  And then novelty yarns came out.  I was gifted with a lot and when it was on clearance for as low as $.36 a skein, who wouldn’t buy some right.  And then came the Internet.  I found other knitters through my homeschooling blog.  And from there I found Ravelry.  I found out that there was thing called a yarn snob and not only do they not use Red Heart yarn or Peaches n’ Cream cotton, but they use things like wool, merino (whatever that is), alpaca, and angora.  And they pay things like $25 (gasp) a skein for them.  And people actually hand spin their yarn.  I have seen some really beautiful yarns that way.  Now I have an Etsy shop that I haven’t really done much with, but I have seen some really awesome things come out of there.  The newest one that I found is from leeloosh.  I really like the violet meadow yarn that she has for sale right now.  Visit her shop and check out what else she has available.



August 21, 2010

So I went on vacation, but that is only part of my excuse for not updating here.  But the cool thing is that I got to visit an alpaca farm while in Pennsylvania vacationing.  It also had the most gorgeous house used as a bed and breakfast.  Here are just a few of the pictures that I took.

Projects, Projects Everywhere

April 12, 2010

Wow!  I knew that I hadn’t been on here in a long time, but I didn’t realize that it had been that long.  Where to start?   Why don’t I start with yarn dying?  I have been reading a ton on how to dye yarn.  I have tons of crochet thread in ivory.  I wanted to jazz it up a little so I decided to try dying it with Kool-aid.   Right now in our homeschool history, my boys and I have been studying Colonial times.  We learned about how they died with plants and food products.  So for one of our projects, we decided to try it.

The brown is dyed with coffee and the others different flavors of Kool-Aid.

The green is Kool-Aid, purple is purple cabbage, the brown one is tea,and the cream colored one was spinach.

The left one is beets, the middle cranberries, and the right one is mustard.

Hello world!

December 18, 2009

A magnum opus is a great work of art or literature.  My greatest work is the children that God has gifted me with.  Midwifery is my calling which is a great work to the women I serve.  My art is working with yarn.  I currently blog about homeschooling my children and personal stuff on another website.  However I am very active on Ravelry.  Besides all of the lovely items that I make from other’s pattern, I also have started dipping my toe into the art of design.  This blog is to target that audience.

I would also like to mention that I am attempting to start selling some of those handcrafted items on Etsy.