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September 2, 2011

How could I not have blogged in over a year?  It’s not like I have not been knitting/crocheting.  I’ll just give you some of the highlights of what I have done in the past year.

This is a felted hat that I did last fall.  It was for my 12yo to wear to the historical reenactment group that we belong to , but my youngest is the model.  Unfortunately, the 12yo did not take care of it and it got washed by mistake and can only fit the baby.

I crocheted this Mario mushroom for my oldest son.  We are big Super Mario Bros fans and I thought that he would enjoy this.

We moved in January to a colder climate and our dog also had to suddenly become an outside dog.  I made her this sweater to help her adjust to the changes.

This was for a square swap themed anti-Valentine’s Day.

I made these shorts for my niece’s birthday.

This is just an overview of what I have made and still have saved to my computer.  Next time, I will post what I have saved to my Flickr account.


Newest projects

August 21, 2010

Here are some of the latest things that I have worked on:

A steering wheel cover for my sister.

Slipper Socks for my stepmom.

I also did a black and white pair for my baby’s other brother, but forgot to photograph them before giving them to him.

Buttons modeling Trisch's Hat

A crochet drawstring bag

Knit Purse

Necklace Knit with Beading Wire

Another View of the Same Necklace


April 12, 2010

I think it was around September that I decided to start expanding my skills and ideas of what to make.  I was getting tired of doing too many purses and hats.  So I have been giving myself challenges and entering some on Ravelry. The first one was actually something that I made myself.  It was my first time doing anything lacy.  I made it as a scarf to wear when I dress up and entered it in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy workshop where I got the  Improbable Award for Cheering Up Marvin.

For The Wheel of Time:  The Great Hunt Workshop, I got  the Classroom Fun award for a beautiful yellow hat.  BTW – this hat and the poncho were entered in the Ravelmpics and I got Bob awards for them as well.

I’ve been wanting to try knitting and crocheting with wire.  This next one was supposed to be a necklace, but was slightly too small, so ended up being a double bracelet.  Oh, yeah it was also for the March crocheted jewelry of the month group challenge.

I attempted the most gorgeous set of gloves.  Unfortunately this was not a challenge that I was able to complete.  The pattern was in charts which I had never attempted before and used wrap and turns, something else I had not done before.  None of my knitting guru friends were able to help me.  So I gave up after completing this much.

And the last one was for the Bag of the Month Group.  Our challenge was to take at least one hexagon and make a bag or purse out of it.  It was amazing what some of the others came up with.  They did a very beautiful job.


April 12, 2010

The majority of my knitting is for gifts.  An example is the fact that I am knitting some socks for DS#1 right now.   The following are gifts that I have done recently.

This was my stepdad’s birthday gift.

This was the first pair of fingerless gloves that I have ever done.  They were for the neighbor girl’s birthday.

The poncho was for my mom’s birthday.  It is from my own design.

DS #2 has been invited to several birthdays lately.  Here are a couple of the gifts that I did.

This hat was for a soccer fan.  And for the kid who like Legos:

It was just supposed to be a zippered block, but I didn’t have a zipper.  So I used buttons to make a closure and double for wheels.

More Squares

April 12, 2010

I am still working on squares for the Friendship Square Exchange on Ravelry.  I am doing two a month, one for my afghan and one to send to my partner.  And then I get one or occasionally two from my partner.  For March’s St. Patrick’s Day theme, I did:

This one I did for my partner.  I was just playing around with it, no real pattern in mind.

The theme for these was spring or pastels.  Again just playing around with these.  I liked this one so much that I was going to keep it, however I thought my swap partner would like it better.  The also earned the  Flower Power award in the Cruelest Month workshop on Ravelry.

This month’s theme is pink and purple.  This is the one for my partner that really should be in the mailbox right now.  Mine is the same, but without the ribbon.

The Latest

January 16, 2010

I missed this on my last post, but here are some granny square earrings that I made.  They got me the Jewelry Maker award on The Borrower’s Workshop on Ravelry.

I am also participating in a Friendship Square Swap.  Each month we have a themed square that we either knit or crochet and mail it to one person in the group.  Most of us are also doing a duplicate square for ourselves, so that we have enough to put together an afghan or something.  This month’s square has a Valentine’s Day theme.  This is the square that I made using the Magic Ball method.

I also have knitted a baby hat and washcloth for a client of mine that just had her baby.  Alas I was unable to get pics before giving them to her however.

Oh, and I wanted to post this just for fun.

How to be a Bad-Ass Knitter

  1. Knit whatever the hell you want . . . whenever you want.
  2. Buy as much yarn (and books and needles etc.) as you want, whenever the hell you want.
  3. Never, ever, apologize for knitting.
  4. Never, ever, apologize because you think something you knit isn’t “good” enough.
  5. Never, ever, apologize about how you knit: right-handed, left-handed, or with your toes!
  6. Traditional knitting is timeless.
  7. Display your stash with pride!
  8. You don’t have to follow a pattern exactly — make changes if you wanna.
  9. Never apologize for knitting cat/dog hair into your sweater. It’s all the warmer!
  10. Whenever a non-knitter asks you a stupid question, remember that you carry long, sharp sticks.

Well, Look at That.

January 6, 2010

I just started this blog and already I have not been good about keeping it up.  I have been crazy busy with knitting Christmas presents and the birthdays for January and February.  Not too mention that I am having too much fun on Ravelry.  If you are a knitter, crochet, spinner, or weaver, Ravelry is an awesome site.  I have joined a few groups that are having knit a longs, challenges, and swaps and having a blast with it.  Now to show some of my Christmas presents and where to find the patterns.

I made these loomed snowmen for my nieces.

The tan one I made for my baby during a Ravelry Loom-a-Long back in May.  The pink one I made for his cousin for Christmas.

My sister got these fuzzy dice by request.  This pattern came from the Loom Crafts for the Knifty Knitter book.  I slightly altered by making them smaller so that she could put them in her car window.

These miniature sweater ornaments were made from scrap yarn and given to everyone on my Christmas list.

This steering wheel cover was a gift for my dad.  I have just finished a second one for my stepdad’s birthday.

I have some free patterns that I am designing in the works.  To be posted soon.

The Hat from Hades

December 22, 2009

I am calling this hat the hat from Hades, because I found it rather difficult to knit.  I am not sure if it was because the cable on my circular needles was too long or if I should have tried using 5 or 6 DPNs.  I tried using my circular and 4 DPNs.  With the DPNs, I kept dropping stitches.  This was a pattern that needed full attention, which I was not giving it.  Fortunately it is for my little brother and he will never notice the mistakes.  This pattern can be found on the Woven ~ N ~ Spun website.