How could I not have blogged in over a year?  It’s not like I have not been knitting/crocheting.  I’ll just give you some of the highlights of what I have done in the past year.

This is a felted hat that I did last fall.  It was for my 12yo to wear to the historical reenactment group that we belong to , but my youngest is the model.  Unfortunately, the 12yo did not take care of it and it got washed by mistake and can only fit the baby.

I crocheted this Mario mushroom for my oldest son.  We are big Super Mario Bros fans and I thought that he would enjoy this.

We moved in January to a colder climate and our dog also had to suddenly become an outside dog.  I made her this sweater to help her adjust to the changes.

This was for a square swap themed anti-Valentine’s Day.

I made these shorts for my niece’s birthday.

This is just an overview of what I have made and still have saved to my computer.  Next time, I will post what I have saved to my Flickr account.


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