Well, Look at That.

I just started this blog and already I have not been good about keeping it up.  I have been crazy busy with knitting Christmas presents and the birthdays for January and February.  Not too mention that I am having too much fun on Ravelry.  If you are a knitter, crochet, spinner, or weaver, Ravelry is an awesome site.  I have joined a few groups that are having knit a longs, challenges, and swaps and having a blast with it.  Now to show some of my Christmas presents and where to find the patterns.

I made these loomed snowmen for my nieces.

The tan one I made for my baby during a Ravelry Loom-a-Long back in May.  The pink one I made for his cousin for Christmas.

My sister got these fuzzy dice by request.  This pattern came from the Loom Crafts for the Knifty Knitter book.  I slightly altered by making them smaller so that she could put them in her car window.

These miniature sweater ornaments were made from scrap yarn and given to everyone on my Christmas list.

This steering wheel cover was a gift for my dad.  I have just finished a second one for my stepdad’s birthday.

I have some free patterns that I am designing in the works.  To be posted soon.


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