Granny Squares Galore

I recently went through my yarn to see if there was any that I wanted to get rid of.  Well, I found 8 skeins that were in complementary colors.  I decided to make a giant, granny square afghan with it.  I had made one pre digital camera times and thought it would be fun to do another.  This is what I have so far.

I have also been thinking about taking all my scrap yarn and making either a crazy granny afghan or skirt or something.  I mentioned this at my local knitting group.  One of the ladies had made 99 granny squares and never sewed them together.  She gave them to me.

She also gave me the book that contained the directions.  It also has about 50 other patterns for things to make with granny squares including a couple of skirts.

I am thinking that instead of sewing those squares into an afghan, that I might make that skirt that I want and use the rest for purses.  I have some great ideas in my head and am sketching them out.


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